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2021 Scripts in Play Festival

2021-22 Season

2021 Scripts in Play Festival

Featuring plays by Maegan Clearwood, Katie Ganem, and Lyra Yang

October 8-24, 2021
Gunston Arts Center Theatre 2

Join Avant Bard Theatre at Gunston Theatre 2 starting Friday, October 8th to experience promising new plays by three fantastic playwrights read by Avant Bard actors. Each play will receive two staged readings–the second of which will be informed by the audience feedback from the first! Come participate in the vital play development process with the playwrights!

The Resting Soul of Galileo by Katie Ganem
Directed by Aria Velz
Featuring Mariam Hathor, Ahmed Kamal, Steve Lebens, Alyssa Sanders & Dina Soltan
Friday, Oct 8, 7:30; Sunday, Oct. 10, 2:00

The Peachlanders by Lyra Yang
Co-produced with W.I.P. Arts
Directed by Gregory Keng Strasser
Featuring Alyssa Sanders, Cam Magee, Hannah Sweet, Justin Jarod Bell, Mason Catharini, Toni Rae Salmi, Megan Behm, Brian Crane, Jonathan Del Palmer & Christopher Holbert
Thursday, Oct 21, 7:30; Saturday, Oct 23, 7:30

The Tragedians by Maegan Clearwood
Directed by Sandra Holloway
Featuring Francis Cabatac, Mary Yee, Jennifer Knight, Ashley Nguyen, Sydney Lo & Jasmine Jiang
Friday, Oct 22, 7:30; Sunday, Oct 24, 2:00